How to Choose Garage Doors Based on Materials, House Style, and More

The garage doors sold in Melbourne, including roller doors Melbourne, come in great deals of sizes and shapes as well as are made using varied materials. Choose the best one to install in your home or business to effectively increase appeal and property value.

Various Garage Doors to Choose From

Automatic garage door

An easier selection compared to a manual door, automated doors have been fitted with electric motors and various other devices that make going in and out of the garage less complex than ever before. With steps included to ensure safety, many currently appreciate its various advantages.

Insulated garage doors

Climate is a substantial factor to consider when picking a garage door. If you stay in Melbourne that has lots of days in the summertime and a cool winter season, an insulated garage door is the most efficient choice. Guard your car against extreme temperature levels with this type of door from one of the leading Melbourne garage door companies.

Roller garage doors

These doors run up as well as down in an upright direction, rolling up and around itself into a cylinder form. The one steel ribbed profile layout and cost-effectiveness make these doors extremely in demand, which is evident in the number of roller doors Melbourne market is selling. Check Eco Garage Doors for more details.

Sectional garage doors Melbourne

The doors run just like a roller door yet are created from several jointed panels. The doors either roll above the doorway or roll up on tracks across the garage ceiling. These doors are available in many designs, looks, and operation.

Tilt doors

These garage doors tilt when they open up by means of a tilting system. A standard garage door that requires enough clearance for the door to tilt.

What factors should you think of when choosing a garage door?


Just how wide or tall should the garage door be? You can contact specialist installers to take measurements or you can do it on your own. Specific measurements to take when you buy garage doors Melbourne has should include the size of the opening, the headspace, and the backspace.


  • Steel could endure high winds and also provide better safety and security.
  • All-natural wood provides an attractive and rustic look. However, it is high maintenance because it is prone to cracking and splitting.
  • Fibreglass is exceptionally resilient and not susceptible to breaking, nicking, rusting, and splitting. Combined with a high level of insulation, it is one of the more expensive materials.
  • Lightweight aluminum and glass are corrosion- and rust-resistant, making them sturdy.
  • Vinyl is rust-resistant, resilient, low-maintenance, and available in many customised styles.

Home Style

  • Modern houses call for garage doors with a contemporary design.
  • Traditional houses are best paired with a garage door made of wood.
  • Mission-style homes look best with a carriage-house garage door.
  • Historical homes are best paired with a personalised garage door.


Just how much are you going to spend on automatic, tilt, or roller doors Melbourne offers? Because expense will vary based on features added, it is best to set a budget so you do not overspend.

Eco Garage Doors

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