Tips To Make Your Office A Productive And Happy Place For Work

Post modernism and climate change can slowly be changing metropolitan landscapes that might finally be saying goodbye to glass skyscrapers, according to Architecture and Design magazine. If you have your own workspace, office or are looking for a place to lease for your business, the following tips like adding aesthetics such as venetian blinds Brisbane shops sell can make your office a great place to work.

A Clean Sanctuary

Many businesses do not realize that even with advanced computer systems and perks like coffee machines and snack bars, a cluttered environment results in panic and depression amongst co-workers. Keep desk lines simple and clean. Make sure every workstation has its own bin. Encourage workers to keep their workspace clutter free and most of all find a way to hide electronic wires. A spaghetti junction of wires can be visually overbearing, especially if your employees are working in high-stress situations.

Simple Aesthetics

If you think about your first job and remember a whole bunch of cubicles and nothing visually pleasing to look at, nostalgia can turn into shudders quite quickly. Create visual harmony for your employees with matching furnishing, draperies of similar colours like venetian blinds Brisbane shops sell and soothing carpet or floor finishing that please the eye. Modern offices should feel homier and less institutional to inspire employees to get to work every day.


If you are an entrepreneur starting your own business, keep in mind, 70% of your hired employees might be suffering from stress or depression. Psychologically, studies in the past decade have shown a rise in depression in the workforce because of personal or work environmental issues. Even though an open door policy should be encouraged for everyone, including management, the lack of privacy results in an increase of office politics and ill bearing. Since your workplace becomes a second home to many, sometimes people need a few minutes to themselves away from constant prying eyes. You can install things like venetian blinds Brisbane shops sell, dividers or even have a designated ‘quiet time’ area for overworked employees. Curtains can also be installed by experienced fitters that also install Brisbane venetian blinds between glass cubicles as well.

Encourage Personal Effects

If as a boss you are able to keep framed pictures of your family, loved one or pet on your desk, the same courtesy should be offered to those working in your company as well. Personal effects including employee’s own coffee mugs, colourful stationary and pictures can be motivational during the day.

Health Comes First

A healthy workforce means more productivity for your business in the long run. Other than the obvious, first aid kit and a list of over the counter medicines your doctor approves of should be made available on the premises. You can show your employees you care by showing their health is a priority to the company. Frequent pest control should be done on weekends when there is no one at work. Air conditioners should be checked for dirt and germs clogging the filters, especially in the spring allergy months when pollen is at its highest. If your workspace has large windows, consider hiring professionals that install venetian blinds in Brisbane to protect your employees from harmful UV rays. Skin cancer has become one of the most common cancers across the world, especially during commute to and from work. Local shops that sell best venetian blinds in Brisbane can help you figure out the best protective method for your non-tinted windows in your office.

Apart from visual aesthetics, make your workplace fun with activities that inspire instead of annoy and make sure your team gets together every month for better bonding. For fixtures that can help you make your office cozier, you can search online and visit sites like